FieldFLEX Mobile


The FieldFLEX SDK allows users to configure, modify, and expand FieldFLEX Mobile Apps including maintenance services, inspections, facility condition assessment, and asset management. The FieldFLEX Mobile SDK will help you develop, deploy and support your field techs and all mobile users, while keeping control of your timelines and costs.

The FieldFLEX SDK Program delivers documentation, training, and component libraries to your mobile development team to create or modify FieldFLEX-based apps.  Now you can maintain, modify, and create FieldFLEX apps for all your mobile needs.

Make mobile UI, workflow & form changes, including:

  • Adding or removing fields  
  • Altering the layout
  • Apply custom styling
  • Modify behavior and workflow
  • Add child sections
  • Create new or derivative apps 
  • Create and model new apps based on licensed FieldFLEX apps 
  • Create new mobile user roles